Every business starts with a seed, an idea, which is structured and grows with a good action plan. That’s what happened to Muralis, a project and solution development company for information technology systems. We believe that quality and commitment to customers go beyond solutions related to the final product.

We plunge into the systems of your company’s workflow and once we thoroughly understand them, we not only offer efficient services that meet your demands but also present innovations going beyond expectations.

We develop our own way of working, aiming at high commitment, transparency, seniority and excellence in building team solutions. We are highly trained and committed to the objective of raising the level and strengthening our clients’ business, which allows us to have projects successfully executed in Brazil and in the world.

Our goal is to deliver the best solution and go beyond expectations offering different deadlines, prices and quality. When we become invisible, we achieve excellence.

Muralis has consolidated concrete partnerships with clients in the areas of Aerospace, Agribusiness, Foreign Trade, Education, Energy, Finances and Taxation, Industries, Mobility, Services and Telecommunications.

WE GO BEYOND: we operate in countries such as

Brazil, Portugal, United States, South Africa, Nigeria and the Dominican Republic.


He is a founding partner of Muralis who holds a degree in Computer Science (UNIFESP). He participated in the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service’s HARPIA Project - Risk Analysis and Applied Computational Intelligence - which was led by UNICAMP in partnership with FUNCAMP and ITA. As a Systems Architect, he worked on important projects such as INTEROP, Messaging, creation of the MACADAME corporate framework, and on implementation of projects in the area of toll collection in Nigeria and the Dominican Republic.


He is a founding partner of Muralis who holds a PhD in Computing from ITA, a Master's degree in Applied Computing from INPE and a BS degree in Computer Science from UMC. He is also a professor at FATEC Mogi das Cruzes and Effective Researcher at the Center for Informatics and Systems at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal. He participated in the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service’s HARPIA Project - Risk Analysis and Applied Computational Intelligence - and worked on improving software processes and product architecture in small and large companies, in the segments of foreign trade, mobility, business management, health and government.


Rodrigo Rocha and Naresh Trivedi, developers with extensive experience in systems development, first met in the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service’s HARPIA Project – Risk Analysis and Applied Computational Intelligence.

Together they noticed that the technology market was deficient in quality and response time within adequate deadlines.

Once they realized their partnership would be able to supply this market demand, since their way of working and commitment made it possible to plunge themselves into each client’s business, forming high performance teams and delivering really solid, consistent and quality projects have become a great purpose.

equipe Muralis


To be a differentiated company whose target is to execute projects through an excellent relationship with our customers and partners, providing services honestly, offering high ability to deal with critical projects, high technology with affordable prices to all types of businesses and high level of experience in the execution of different types of projects.


To be a reference in services, delivering solid, consistent and quality results.


– Commitment
– Transparency
– Seniority
– Excellence in teamwork


Feeling free to act, each day is a class of professional and personal growth. Being responsible for our actions, we always seek the best possible solution. Plunging into the company’s operations processes, we become part of the client’s business, and with the support of the team, everything becomes possible

José Roberto Simões

Systems Developer Analyst

Working at Muralis means growth. Professional growth, personal growth, knowledge growth. Muralis encourages us to be better every day, whether through the support of the leadership or coworkers. I am proud to be part of the Muralis team

Adenilson Prado Raul

Systems Developer Analyst

For me, working at Muralis can be defined as “continuous learning “. It is a company that encourages employees to leave the comfort zone and seek constant training, aiming at the professional evolution of each member. This way, the team is able to add even more value to the company, improving the quality of the developed solutions and customer service

Matheus Mendes Lorenzeto

Systems Developer Analyst

Working at Muralis means growth, because every day, I have a new challenge, a new discovery, and the company has always offered the necessary support for me to improve myself more and more. Muralis has been fundamental to my development as a professional and as a person, since my first day

Gabriel Santos

Systems Developer Analyst

Working at Muralis for me is a motivation to be on the move. The opportunity to work with great professionals is the fuel to improvement. The company, always concerned with delivering the best to the customer, with the quality of life and with the work environment for its employees, is another motivation to give the best of mecccc

Davi Cruz

Systems Developer Analyst